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How to make a Turmeric Lassi drink

From the Streets of India, the greatest pairing between probiotics and spices

The shakers are ready to mix and chill this new probiotic INGREDIENT! From the ancient roots that date back to more than 3 centuries ago!

I close my eyes and head with my imagination to the busy streets of Delhi and Kolkata (Calcutta) where the warm and sticky weather of the western Bengal area reach today the 35C

So, thinking on mixing cocktails and bringing some sort of summer refreshments to my guests at the hotel, and for your customers all around the world, I will show you today , How to make a Turmeric Lassi drink  to be mixed in cocktails with a hint of booze, or a COMPLETE ALCOHOL-FREE VERSION!!

Bring some popular eastern flavours to your cocktail bar!

The Best spirit to pair in a recipe with Turmeric Lassi is definitely Gin, for its eastern spices, I suggest to try Ophir  Gin or a classic and outstanding Bombay sapphire  sapphire!

This is a new aromatic and superfood-rich version of Lassi drink, featuring turmeric spice!


Turmeric lassi recipe



  • 1 cup, 250 g of plain, full fat yogurt;
  • 450 ml filtered water;
  • Ice cubes
  • 25 g turmeric, to be dried before infusing;
  • 1 teaspoons of salt;
  • I suggest to try with 3 cardamoms
  • Drops of lime juice

Preparation of Tumeric Lassi

dehydrate the turmeric in a dehydrating machine, for 12 hours at 50C and reduce it into a powder… or just go with turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon is more than enough, just drop it into a cup of yogurt.

…once the mix of yogurt and turmeric is ready… just add it to a medium size mason jar, then just seal it, shake it with ice, close it and store it in the fridge for 3  hours at 6 C.

It will need a longer infusion due to the presence of the spices , you will need to give it more time to feel that pungent aroma in your drink.

It will be ready! well-infused and flavoured in just two hours, you can taste it on its own or mix it in cocktails if you like!

I’ve heard a precise description about the best local indian food and drink traditions  from my friend and bartender Dario Arienzo THAT IS NOW ON A DEEP  DISCOVERY TOUR OF THE INDIAN COUNTRY! My first question for him was:

How to make a Turmeric lassi???

“Lassi drinks are everywhere and of very colour and every taste! I have seen and photographed a full display of those drinks at  one of the most important markets, in the city of Agra”

He replied!


He has spent more than 20 minutes at the phone with me last night with this story about the Lassi drink, he tried the version spiced with turmeric, he mentions such drink  to be extremely popular when indian folks have to stop their busy working  days in the farms, or in the street markets, sipping it from big bottles, chilling and find refreshment!

“During the torrid summer months of Rajasthana, the people of Jaipur find relief by tasting a refreshing yogurt-based drink, typical of the Indian subcontinent: lassi.

 It seems that the origin of the lassi is to be traced back to the area of ​​Punjab, but today this drink is widespread in numerous variants throughout India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The basic recipe consists of a mix of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit; the traditional lassi is salted and flavored with a pinch of cumin,

while the most popular formula among Indian children involves the addition of honey or sugar or fruit juice or even some pureed fruit pulp: the mango is the most common, but there are versions with fresh mint, saffron, rose water, ginger and turmeric.

Someone strengthens its taste and consistency with butter while during the annual Holi color festival a variant is prepared, called bhang lassi, even based on cannabis accompanied by the typical vegetable fritters called pako”


I think of an ASIAN driven cocktail menu, or a selection of cocktails based on the concept of eastern spices!

We don’t have to board on the first flight to Delhi or Bombay to sip one of these Lassi, but we can definitely invest in a bag of spices like Cardamom and Himalayan salt, and a stick of cinnamon to be able to recreate the aroma of this drink

For my spices I love heading to G. Baldwin & Co.

77 Walworth Road, South East London. In the last 170 years, Baldwins has passed from the loving care of George Baldwin whose family helped to establish 12 shops  shop that has all the greatest spices available.

Surely 1,20 of Organic yogurt from Whole Foods

… is not the biggest investment you have done in your life! And you can easily follow the step by step guide on HOW TO MAKE LASSI in my previous post!

To source some good  CHINESE spices from the eastern countries I usually head to London Chinatown, to the little shops full of eastern culture, spices, fruit and props for your fancy Chinese and Japanese styled drinks!

lassi cocktail fermentated, some spices

Cheers to your health, and wealth!