How to make a Kefir probiotic drink

Make your own special and delicious kefir probiotic drink!


This is the first probiotic drink I ever made! It looked like the most economic one and the easiest and required basic attention and basic tools.


If you are wondering what is the first step and what you will need to get started, I have provided a couple of very useful blog posts before this, just to give you an idea on How this magic process of fermentation is accessible to anyone.

Before getting started with your first kefir probiotic drink, let’s recap also on the basics healthrelated info when talking about probiotics and some useful nutritional facts about this new interesting trend in the new era of cocktails and drinks!

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Where to source your first kit of bacteria colonies for your first kefir probiotic drink


As mentioned in my previous blog post where I gave you an overview on all the principal starters and cultures to start fermenting, the kefir grains are by far the less expensive, and are easy to source;



Let’s get this started, 3 days of fermentation is all you need!

Basic Water kefir Recipe:

• 3 tablespoon of raw sugar;
• 3 tablespoon of hot water;
• 1 litre of filtered water;
• 1 pinch of salt
• 3 dried small figs
• 1 dry date
• 10 sultanas
• 1/4 teaspoon molasses
• 3 tablespoon of water kefir grains;

The process of primary fermentation:

Put the sugar in a large mason jar, like the one in photo, of a capacity of 3 litres, it
will need a 1/3 room for allowing the oxygen circulate and to let the fermentation process

• Add the hot water to dissolve the sugar, by stirring gently.
• Add the cold filtered water, to cool the mix to room temperature.
• Add the 3 tablespoon of kefir grains;
• Cover the jar with a kitchen cloth, or a cheese cloth.
• Secure it with a wire, or an elastic.
• The jar must be placed away direct sunlight and sources of heat;
• At the room temperature of 20 C , it will require circa 2 days to ferment, and then… secondary fermentation

how to make kefir probiotic drink fermentation first step

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The secondary Fermentation

After 2 days of fermenting with water kefir grains and grapes and fruits, we must strain the mix into another jar, through a cheese filter, and let the liquid sit in a smaller jar, closed with a lid this time, to allow the formation of the bubbles.
The sparkling drink will be completely ready when, after another 12 hours from the second fermentation, you will finally bottle your kefir drink into a glass bottle, tightly sealed, at room temperature, to help building more sparkle and carbonate.
The final process of carbonation can take 12-72 hours, and it’s completely up to you to decide how sparkling it must be.

Avoid explosion:

By gently opening-resealing your kefir every 4 hours, to gently adjust and regulate the excessive bubbles that can arise at the beginning of the carbonation, that could exaggerate and generate explosion.

“Water kefir can help fighting cancer, as long as helping your gut to be healthier and yourself feeling better” 

Read this great article from about the major good health benefits about water kefir probiotic drinks!

Water Kefir Benefits

1. Boosts Gut Health
2. Promotes Immune Function
3. May Help Fight Cancer Cells
4. Supports Weight Loss
5. Suitable for Any Diet

Cheers to your health, and wealth !