how to make Kombucha by domenico di bucchianico dedycated

How to make cocktails with kombucha, pairing of flavours !

Pairing flavours and adjusting taste, learn How to make cocktails with kombucha!


I could never, ever think of adding this probiotic drink to my cocktails, I could not stand its smell! But…

“I have heard of kombucha from friends who started a healthy lifestyle long time before I did! I couldn’t think and I didn’t have a clue it stepped in the western culture since 1990s!
 …maybe you are like me, you have tried it and refused it straightaway after the first sip!
This is my primary thought about it and about fermented drinks in general.

The vinegary-acidic perfume of this fermented tea, is not what I used to drink before discovering that after buying different types, and after starting making my own (check my article!)

 I could fall in love with it, and suddenly I started introducing this probiotic drink (check this!) to my libations, trying to mix it with something sweet, and balancing well with fresh lemon and some herbs,  it soon gained my attention, my loyalty! And so… the attention of my clients!

Try to imagine the first time I tried creating a few cocktails with kombucha!

Kom-bù-cha”  …an interesting term, when you listen to it,  brings your imagination to some eastern culture, due to its name sounding a little bit oriental, at least this is how it sounded to me at first time!

Kombucha works well if paired with honey, and maple, to balance the acidity, be careful with balsamic herbs and spices !

“Things must be said and we cannot sell drinks who taste sour, too citric, vinegary and stinking (fermentation is well known to be synonymous of a very unpleasant smell)  “


They worked already in the fermentation process, transforming the initial black tea into kombucha, so consider that your drink is partly sweetened already, for a better flavour choose a home-made syrup of :



these are the most perfumed spices and aromas you can add into the fermentation process of your kombucha, or just add them in your shake, by muddling gently:

  • Cardamoms;
  • Tonka beans;
  • Pink peppercorn;
  • Fresh ginger;
  • Lavender sprig;
  • Rosemary sprig;
  • Earl grey tea;
  • Hibiscus tea;
  • Lemongrass ;

This was just an introduction, a very brief guideline on how I pair my drinks with this ingredient, in the next weeks I will guide you to some simple recipes

We will see together how kombucha can be paired and well balanced in a cocktail with one liquor, or two.

Mainly we will focus on non alcoholic, and refreshing aperitif for all family based on this wonderful probiotic sparkling delight!


Cheers to your health, and wealth!!