first fermentation kit for cocktail maker by dedycated

How to source your first fermentation kit!

The basic and “semi-pro” equipment, pricing and where to buy!

You will not believe this!

I am pretty sure you guys have already everything you need to ferment or, to get started for your first try!

I am talking about the essential tools, some very common and re-usable utensils we all have at home, or that we have stored somewhere in our basement or in the canteen, forgotten in a dark corner where no-one cares!

WELL, THIS WAS MY CASE when I looked up on the shelves, between cooking pans, pots, some old crockeries and few other forgotten old jars in my grandparents kitchen last time I visited home in Italy!

Some of us do not have much room at home and we do not always keep tools and equipment we don’t use, especially those following a minimalist lifestyle! Buying a 3L jar or a series of cheese-cloths is almost pointless if you are not yet familiar or you haven’t done this before, but you might be surprised on how many useful things you can come across everyday in your kitchen, and how to use them at best!!

So, let’s take a look in what’s in my possession today, let’s see if you do have these things around and how we can start making something cool together, like a 5 minutes fermented Sekanjabin drink, or a slightly more “popular” tepache  !

 What’s the budget to get started? Nothing more than  0,99£ !!

To start your first fermented drink, let’s take SEKANJABIN as an example, a “five minutes” recipe that you can easy replicate following my guide here, or downloading the same book where I find my inspirations

To brew this deliciously sour pro-biotic, you really need a jar like this in the picture, and NOTHING ELSE;

For just 0.99 £ during Christmas time, last year, I found it at 0,99 £ in the TIGER shop of tools and accessories, easy to see in every major busy street in london, or to buy online at this link here!


fermentation kit jar

Are you going a little more “pro” ?

Are you up to larger quantities?

you will spend UNDER £ 25 and get a kit of gadgets that will last for years :

Make sure you will not run out of your favourite fermented drinks!

  • this kit of mason jars, as per picture above 👆🏻; they are of a great usage when producing larger quantities, bigger productions are great if you run a bar and you make cocktails with your fermented drinks!
  • This set of 2 L and 3 L mason jars is what you must have to start your first kombucha, for example! They are great when your fermentation need more room to get oxygenated, and an open lead on top. (link here);    the open lead jars are the best when you consider preparing fermentation, due to oxygen that will need to enter from the top and help the process of fermentation    buy from 8.16 £
  • A measuring jug to be precise all the times you’re pouring liquids and other ingredients (link here);    you will want to be precise, no jokes with yeasts, sugars and fermentation, be precise as a little chemist !! Buy from 0.89 £
  • A canning funnel, it’s essential to transport from big jars to smaller or into bottles. (Link here); don’t spill out and  don’t mess up your working area! Buy from 0.10 £
  • A kit of measuring spoons, I’d like to show you what I’ve got from my favourite shop! They are beautiful when creating a cool composition to the purpose of photography, as we do! (link here); for smaller quantities, and to measure things like salt and sugars! buy starting from 4.50£
  • A small digital measuring scale (link here); no preparations must be done without a precise measuring scale!  00£
  • A range of coffee filters, cheese-cloths and some paper towels; (link here);03 £ each


  • A large wooden spoon;
  • Large mixing bowls;
  • Fly swatters
  • A thermometer

As I  mentioned at the very beginning, it really depends on what we need to achieve in terms of quantities, and the purpose of our fermented drinks, considering our budget and the level of experience we have

I suggest you always to start by steps, using those few tools we have at home, and try!

Cheers to your health ,  and wealth!