Why fermentated Drinks

Why is fermentation so important for your health

3 factors about fermentation, before you start brewing!

1-Why fermented drinks are getting so popular today?

Taking a first step to fight disease!

We are in the middle of a health crisis, just need to turn the television or just reading the news to find out that a huge number of adults  in the United States of America are now living with diabetes or prediabetes;

According to this report from the latest study of the “centre of diseases control and prevention (CDC) “  more than 84 millions of individuals are suffering from diabetes or pre-diabets, and the numbers are steady. 

Junk food, sugary drinks and alcoholic mixes contribute together to that kind of disease, also related to bad digestion, and intolerances!

Fermenting drinks, or drinking probiotics, fermented food and assuming drinks as kombucha, kefir and others, will help us improving our digestive system functionality.

How does fermentation happens?

Fermentation is the transformation of food (or drinks) through the action of microbes, very often yeasts, but also moulds, via chemical reaction where they transform carbohydrates (sugars and starches) into acids , alcohols and gas; small amounts of vitamins and enzymes are created too.

It links to the digestive system in our body

Digestion works very similar, it turns food and breaks it down in various components, digestion is generally accelerated by enzymes and heat – where enzymes are connected to microbes.

2- What are the benefits ?

Through history, when water was not always available and was not safe to be drunk in many cases, fermented drinks were the lifesaver solution;

…the benefits from drinking something like kombucha, low in alcohol, high in acidity, are various…

  • they are able to create an acidic ambience, into our digestive system, which is lethal environment for pathogenic bacteria.
  • Fermentation has always helped food last longer and they can help prolong the usable life of foods when accessing refrigeration is limited.
  • They are good, incredibly good for us! For people like me, with a very challenging digestion, especially when it come to gluten and lactose, I get so stuck and my digestion is slow and painful, too many condiments are often an issue for me!
  • Fermented food and drinks can help a healthy gut flora, help us maintain the lining of our guts.

3 – Science and health. Fermentation is the solution that does not require a degree in chemistry

Everyone can start fermenting at home, you can make your fermented drinks without a specific advanced study or any class course diploma,

Humans have been fermenting drinks and food since the early days , thousands of years before microbes were analysed for the first time

With few tools and that little knowledge you will need to start, you ca easily approach your first easy fermented drinks, let’s take “lassi” or “sekanjabin” as a start, or “Kombucha and kefir” when we are ready for the advanced level.


In the following pages, we will go through and deeper into some exciting recipes to try and starting familiarise with essential tools to be on top of your cocktail creativity with these new healthy and amazing drinks!

Cheers to your health and wealth!