vegan milk all you need to know

HOW TO MAKE : Vegan milk, all you need to know!

Vegan Milk | Problem

Before jumping on how to make our home-made vegan milk, it’s important to know few statistics about the lactose intolerance that nowadays affects more than 60% of the population worldwide and in the UK especially, adults find themselves struggling digesting the Enzyme of the milk after the age of 40, especially individuals with north-African and Caribbean background!

I did  a little focused study by myself since I started planning this blog post in detail, and I came out with some very interesting facts about this concern and how it relates to people in UK… some facts I really must share with you:


Theoretically, you can become lactose intolerant at any point. While it is true that most people show their intolerance to lactose early in life, people can get it in their teenage years, or even in adulthood.


It is very interesting reading that The symptoms of a lactose intolerance -related illness occur after two hours of ingestion of a milk-based food, a cheese, or any other similar dishes.


I have noticed a big increase in the last six years, of the numbers of litres of plant based milk served at the bar, in the morning breakfast, at least 3 customers out of 10 are asking for one of those “special milks”  and the numbers are increasing with more than 5 people out of 10 willing to drink and “Almond cappuccino” more than a classic whole milk or semi skimmed milk common one…


I remember on my last working day at the Covent Garden hotel, how – in just three ours – I got rid of 3 empty cartons of almond milk, 2 litres of coconut and 1 litre of soya milk at the coffee machine, comparing to just six litres of cow milk being consumed!

-Isn’t incredible?

 Second Step

And what IF I TELL YOU  that this can be called a MODERN TREND? Would you agree with me?

I went deeper and asked few clients wether  it is just a question of intolerance related matter, or .. something else?


And I counted – one person out of three – confirming that her choice (because is mostly women) to avoid cow milk due to the most famous VEGAN DIET and the very well known trend of avoiding animal food, preferring those ORGANIC PLANT BASED solutions !



I am providing you today with a Little guide on how to choose and  make yourself a bunch of tasty and super cool Plant based milk for your lactose- free diet, the most relevant try at breakfast, to mix in frappès or shakes… or why not, in cocktails !?


I want to introduce You a little guide on a home made vegan milk production,  guiding you through the entire  procedure! You will be able to make it yourself at home, or as a professional, you can experience it take less than a day as mentioned, or rather “a little more than a night” it will take about five minutes .

You will need almonds, sugar, a  blender and a cheese cloth!


Almond Milk | Recipe

1- dip a quantity of about 500g of almonds with peel and cashews, in a pot of cold water for a night or so, so that they can activate their enzymes, replenish the nutrients and detach from the skin.

2- the next morning, simply drain the almonds and cashews from the water.

3- transfer to the blender and add 500 ml of mineral water.

4- blend at high speed for one minute.

5- filter the mixture with a common cloth, or with a very fine cheese cloth. squeeze it all, pour it into a glass…. and taste the liquid obtained!

With this “mini 5 step course” YOU CAN exercise now and YOU can start making your own plant based milk, I AM SURE you will have fun making It and I AM LOOKING FORWARD READING YOUR COMMENTS!