Cost cutting and ZEROwaste

Modern cocktails, for professionals and amateurs!

Domenico di bucchianico while preparing zero waste cocktail

The Biggest of all challenges

We all face this problem twice a year

We live in one of the biggest cocktail hub of the entire world, London is by far one of the most interesting city where bartenders and cocktail creators travel to and discover all the trends that inspires the colleagues worldwide.

Every year in London a bar manager is in charge to create one or two cocktail lists to be offered to guest and customers in our luxurious hotels, pubs, restaurants and all the modern trendy high street cocktail bars! It all sound creative, fun, exciting however it’s not as easy as it sounds … on the other hand, surely the challenge is to look after the pockets and the wallets of our owners, and make sure we offer at the same time a good range of circa 20- to up to 40 cocktails with the perfect balance of innovation, great flavours and reduction of expenses!

Stop the banality! we keep doing same things!

Same scenario, same city, let’s tour around the best bars

Touring around, visiting friends and colleagues, from classic street bars to some of the most luxurious and expensive venues, London seems to be stuck on repeating same mistakes, and the cocktail selection of most of these places seems to be copied and pasted basically everywhere ; mixed drinks are mainly a mix of booze, there are 3-4 liquors in each cocktail, there are expensive bottles as a base of expensive drinks that stands out on the category of THE LUXURY SELECTION, those ones who makes you posh and important if you buy them, especially if your wallet is the size of your car!

We personally believe those drinks are fine and they deserve respect, when you have a collection of old vintage bottles that give you the opportunity to mix a 60yo cognac with a
50yo champagne and whatever crystal glass you will serve the liquid inside;

It is FINE, but it doesn’t help .

Visiting other places, talking to old friends and colleagues we have seen that bars are stills proposing once again selection of drinks inspired to old classic cocktails, reviewed in modern key! Visiting 10 different bars in a week, in 8 out of 10 we see lots of similarities!

The offer is nothing more than classic and famous drinks of the early ‘900 with a modern twist, a modern liquor a modern technique, a modern garnish, served in a modern glass.

This is LACK OF CREATIVITY, and it’s your ENEMY !

Stop and think, Be Smart!

Play your best cards! surprise, innovate and go sustainable !

The big promise of Dedycated is to introduce new cocktail concept that plays in advance, against the biggest modern concerns, in fact… we base our recipe and we design our drinks bearing in our minds that we are facing a new era of


It is well known that the cocktail scene in London and all across UK is favoured by the habit of citizen of a higher consumption of alcoholic beverages. Nonetheless the number
of people who reduce and say NO to abuse is raising and awareness seems to be better understood!

-As industry insiders we have to guarantee to care about people’s health by mixing responsible and reducing the risks of drunkness.

-An interesting resume of “How many people don’t drink alcohol?” Has been released from the wonderful guys at , see more insights .

Sustainability and the use of organic products, along with only one alcoholic part is our Solution, our key to succes, you must try the MINESTRONE SOUR COCKTAIL!


Cocktail Recipe ZeroWaste

• 40 ml VII HILLS Italian dry gin
• 1 teaspoon of MINESTRONE vegetable powder (link on recipe)
• Egg white
• 25 ml lemon juice
• 15 ml Sugar simple syrup

Garnish, kale leaf
Glass: martini cocktail glass
Method: dry shake and shake with ice, serve straight up

There is sustainability here and healthy organic ingredients, the recipe is inspired by the true story of a cocktail born from the wastage of the juice processor, the machine separates liquids and collects in the back container the skin and the pulp of the ingredients used.

Back in 2016 At Cahoots London We used to squeeze five different vegetables for a green mix to be offered as a non alcoholic cocktail;

The idea was to take all leftovers in the machine, instead of throwing them all away, we have placed them to de-hydrate in the oven, after one hour, I had prepared one of the tastiest and most original cocktails ever seen by my colleagues.

-See the youtube tutorial here
-See the interview of Michele, bar manager who tested the cocktail first

Cocktails amateurs and food lovers
You can do it, too!

Italian kitchen is the inspiration here, this cocktail was half created with my Nonna at home back in italy, she used to make this delicious vegetable soup we call minestrone..

here’s why the name is so redundant and recalls childhood memories to all of us Italian barmen.

Just take some of your forgotten vegetables from the fridge and cook them in the oven at 100 C for one hour, check them regularly to see until they are completely dry, they must be blended with icing sugar at the proportions of 1-1, 100 g dry vegetabless, 100 g icing sugar!

Then grab some lemon juice, some ice, egg white and gin, shake well and

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