How to irish coffee without lactose

Try this: Plant based & Lactose-free Irish coffee!

Find out the 3 secrets behind a LACTOSE FREE drinks, for your health and a great improved taste!

Did you know that…  

…about 6% of the UK population are lactose intolerant. And more than 90% in Asia can’t eat/drink milk?

… if you are part of these communities, you MUST read this!

irish-coffee-cocktail-lactose-freeWhen twisting your cocktails to something new and improved: you express your creativity by putting on the table the knowledge you have on modern ingredients and techniques!

One of the keys is sustainability, especially in these days, considering that the environment is in real need of modern food and drink solutions, those that will allow nature to breathe a little bit, on the other hand we face the consumer’s choice of vegan milk, which has risen from around 150,000 to at least 542,000 people in the last decade.

As mentioned in this article by the “Sustainable food trust website”.

I am going to show you in 3 simple steps,

   an Irish coffee substituting the common double cream with the Soya milk from “Alpro”,

by far, one of the main producers of vegan milk, and definitely the main protagonist on the UK market when it comes to purchase Milk substitutes, on the grocery shop or at the bar.

Forget about milk allergy and lactose intolerance!

There are more than 3 reason why today I am going to show you this fantastic Plant based and lactose free Irish coffee;

  1. one is due to my eternal love for this eternal classical drink, with only one spirit, and not exaggerated in alcohol, it’s the Irish coffee, the very first drink I made at the hospitality school when I was 14
  2. the second reason is due to the festivity of S.Patrick , the loved celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), the foremost patron saint of Ireland.
  3.  And above all others… This cocktail is dedicated to all our friends that need alternatives to the classic double cream, the essential ingredient behind the normal Irish coffee… I  will work out a solution made by plants, by a vegan milk and I will also Reduce the amount of spirit, cutting down the alcohol content by 45% !

The pros an cons of soya, it’s a best seller, but it is ALSO worth considering

the other 5 alternatives,

For better flavour and great aroma on top of your drinks

According to this very useful guide, from “”  there are more than 6 very good reasons to choose soya milk to cow’s milk, wether you are an allergic or not, but it’s important to keep in mind… some facts…

What is it? Soya  milk is the result of soy beans ground and soaked in water, then strained and finely filtered…

from the lightest composition, definitely less viscous than almond milk, obtained from the famous plant of Asian origin, a legume grown and harvested and of which the roots and berries are used, for a targeted diet to reduce foods of animal origin, an excellent ally to fight cholesterol …

It may have some contraindication (under study and research to date) regarding the proper functioning of the thyroid.

It is also not the best milk substitute in terms of taste… and there is here a full guide to some good ones, probably tastier and greater in aroma!

The top 5 alternatives, a brief mention of properties and a brief analysis of taste!


the most common, the most consumed and easily digestible, with a thick, viscous taste, sometimes with an ocher yellow colour, can be naturally sweetened or lightened to 100% (unsweetened) … together with the soy milk was among the very first to come out on the international market, almond is among the best known “superfoods”; some nutritionists claim that it has less fat, carbohydrates and calories than soy milk, but most of all, it has a significant extra gear for those on a calcium-rich diet. The low cholesterol content should be noted.


 exotic, fresh, naturally sweet to be the envy of any other in the same category of food, obtained by squeezing and subsequent filtration of the coconut, is a good start for a fantastic Pina Colada! it has a higher saturated fat level than other types of milk of vegetable origin such as rice, oats and soy.


herbaceous taste, has the scent of the countryside, those who grew up near the fields will hear the call! Provides all the nutritional benefits of oats, a whole grain rich in fibers, minerals; also like the previous ones helps to lower bad cholesterol and avert hypertension. it is to report a low fiber content, which therefore makes it not the BEST to promote digestion, it is certainly not the easiest to digest.


4- Rice milk: in one of our past home-made experiment, we used the so-called “Brown Rice”, to make everything more tasty and innovative. rice milk is rich in simple sugars, easily edible, digestible and less harmful to the body. the rice milk is easily reproducible at home, simply by boiling the rice until it becomes a soft mush, so that it releases all its nectar and all the sugars present inside it. then simply let it cool, it should be filtered with a very fine cloth and we do not recommend adding sugar, but if you like it more sweet … better with natural sugars! Unfortunately, in addition to lactose, in the rice milk there is a shortage of some precious nutrients contained in cow’s milk. For example, vitamin B12 and vitamin D are lacking, while calcium concentrations are significantly lower, as is the protein content.


milk made from tiger nuts! still superfoods! the Spaniards and the South Americans make great use of it, preparing the famous “Agua de Horchata” with the tiger nuts; non-alcoholic drink widely diffused and recommended in the hot summer days! rich in POTASSIUM, MAGNESIUM and FIBER! are you ready to impress preparing a drink based on tiger nuts? nothing simpler!

What we have learnt: milk alternatives are good for your health , probably they won’t be able to replicate the natural taste of milk, but they are here to help you and your diet, we hope you are not one of the lactose allergic individuals, but just here wondering for a good product to a healthier lifestyle.

Cheers to your health, and wealth!