How to make an organic Manhattan

How to make an organic Manhattan, with a secret ingredient!

Sometimes all you need to twist your cocktails is in the kitchen cupboard!

Reducing alcohol, a Manhattan with no Vermouth!

Good morning to you all!

Today I am going to mix up a Perfect Manhattan cocktail, with an ingredient that is commonly used in salad and crudités dressing. The “Mosto cotto” ! An old style forgotten condiment dressing for salads and cruditèes very common in the southern-italian kitchen.

Before jumping to the recipe of this cocktail, I remind you all that The idea is still the same, adding flavour by reducing alcohol! And this recipe is right for the cocktail lovers with an eye to the organic ingredients.

To help you craft your next aperitif, I suggest you to look around and try the unconventional …

There is no Classic cocktail such as the Perfect Manhattan, and one of the main protagonists of the worldwide cocktail scene could not escape without me giving a twist! Or a quick improvement!

Reinvented, refreshed, this Perfect Manhattan twisted with a tasty vintage ingredient , a  “salad dressing” instead of vermouth will help you open up your mind to a different cocktail creativity ! The one that features ingredients that you can find in the cupboard at home, like vinegars or stuff like this called “mosto cotto”.

We will start taking a bottle of American whiskey, the one you like more, a martini glass, and we prepare some cherries for the garnish that will be.

“…but we will leave the bottle of vermouth on side for this time and we will turn the bitter cocktail we are used to taste, to a slightly sweeter option, easy to recommend and to sell to a female audience, or to somebody that just likes to be surprised! “

Introducing the “mosto cotto”, an overcooked wine, usually used as a sauce; it’s a cocktail ingredient today

The juice was traditionally cooked in copper pots or earthenware pots; materials now generally replaced by stainless steel. After reaching the boil, cooking is continued over low heat for several hours, until the liquid is restricted to the fourth part of its original volume. The product is then refined by ageing which can last up to 24 months.

It is a violet liquid with a density and viscosity similar to that of olive oil, with a particularly sweet taste.

The production of cooked must is currently regulated by article 12 of the law 12 December 2016, n. 238 (“Organic regulation of the cultivation of the vine and of the production and of the commerce of the wine”), that constitutes the so-called “single text of the vine and the wine”

Most Cotto Perfect Manhattan

Most Cotto Perfect Manhattan

  • 2 drops Orange Bitters
  • 2 drops Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice

Execution: it all happens in the mixing glass, chilling the drink with ice cubes, we will then pour straight-up in the martini glass, and garnish the cocktail with fresh cherries.

I hope with this recipe I have given an idea for you to master your Manhattan cocktail with a new ingredient that goes as well as the classic vermuth, but instead, it reduces alcohol adding a sort of natural sugars and a kick of energy!

Cheers to your health, and wealth!