In my career, I figured out by the years, that cocktails and drinks should not only be produced the old-fashioned way, with alcohol and more alcohol! Twist on classics, twist on negronis, martinis and so on… come on let’s be creative!

I like to concentrate my focus on what brings the joy of health, the beauty of a tasty drink that keeps an eye on the nutritional facts … that tells a story from the land from the farmers and the ancient way of foraging.

Have you heard of natural Baobab as a substitute of the lemon juice?

Why not trying one of my “plant based drinks”?

I will help you with this cocktail diary, to introduce the gems of nature, the organic fruits, the  healthiest vegetables, and the trendy superfoods.

The information and the knowledge we share is for the every barmen o bar lady around the world and I will guide you

Here alcohol and drunkenness are not welcome!

if I must add alcohol in my recipes, this must be only produced by organic , respectful and sustainable activities, every label will have a story behind, even better if there is a story of family
ownership and little startups, it’s so easy for me to fall in love with a bottle that is hand made, that has a family story inside, that is more than just a common booze.


For me the language of art through our photography and the truth behind our informations picture together the perfect language of a new era of mixology!

My promise is to share the fruits of my studies, and to spread the message through the modern ways of communication, keeping it artistically , funny, entertaining.

My long term goal is to create a huge community worldwide that spreads and enjoy the new vision of cocktails, featuring a healthy section in their drink list being daily inspired by DedycateD!

No Alcohol? No problem!

Are you scared to try something different? Don’t be afraid!

We have a selection of super cocktails Alcohol free!

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