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Get rid of fruit waste with organic cocktails

Get rid of fruit waste and create an essential ingredient!

Some people reach a weekly money loss of up to 10£ per person due domestic food waste and the monthly total can reach 120 £ per family, these foods are on the 78% of the times, fruits and vegetables

Today, I am going to teach you the essentials in order to increase your monthly budget up to 30 £pp, you will feel smart and proud of yourself!

cocktails and superfoods: pumpkin spiced latt

“Pumpkin spiced cocktail ” your winter mixology starts here”!

Since the very first moment I saw these different shapes of squashes I wanted to buy all of them to prepare a “pumpkin spiced latte”, a drink very popular and very well known to all lovers of famous cafés such as Starbucks, or many others… but the idea was to give it a new flavour and a different level of spiciness, given by our favourite chillies and some fresh ginger!