Get rid of fruit waste with organic cocktails

Get rid of fruit waste and create an essential ingredient!

Some people reach a weekly money loss of up to 10£ per person due domestic food waste and the monthly total can reach 120 £ per family, these foods are on the 78% of the times, fruits and vegetables

Today, I am going to teach you the essentials in order to increase your monthly budget up to 30 £pp, you will feel smart and proud of yourself!

vegan milk all you need to know

Vegan milk, all you need to know!

Vegan Milk | ProblemBefore jumping on how to make our home-made vegan milk, it’s important to know few statistics about the lactose intolerance that nowadays affects more than 60% of the population worldwide and in the UK especially, adults find themselves struggling digesting the Enzyme of the milk after the age of 40, especially individuals with north-African and Caribbean background!

spirulina lassi cocktail by domenico di bucchianico

All you need to know about Spirulina in cocktails!

The best natural green colourant for your cocktails!

Hello my dear readers! spring is fast approaching outside in the green parks of the city and I get inspired by this marvellous calming atmosphere and taking some time responding your interesting question on “how to give a natural green colour to your cocktails” and drinks in order to create the Best Cocktail for the spring and summer season !