non alcoholic vegan milk cocktail

Plant based milk in our cocktails: Rum egg-nog with six different choices!

In this article we take a closer look at the new generation products, tasty alternatives, simple and sustainable, organic in nature, and absolutely environmentally friendly! there will certainly be a reference to mixology and we will offer you a couple of tips on how to create a tasty “Rum Egg-nog” cocktail, for the first time made with an almond milk mixed with cashews, homemade!

cocktails and superfoods: sardinian sunny mary

An incredible superfoods based cocktail!! try this “Sardinian Sunny Mary”! superfoods and skin tan!

I have a question for you! where will you spend your holidays this year? have you been hitting the seaside yet?  but If you haven’t yet… well this is my advise, jump and see your gardener first, then go right away! you’re wondering why? this article, this cocktail and our advise will give you one or two reasons!

Tequila green smoothie!

It’s been a while after my last shift as a bartender, my time away from the shaker and the bottles is getting a bit too hard to be left behind ..but I am the creative one and I am the one who never says no when it comes to grab a bottle, a shaker and release a nice cocktail for someone! should it be for guests, friends or loved ones! Why not mixing today my old passion and job with my new photography skills, our new blog entrepreneurial goals and our new way of communicate our vision?! A big thanks to Vincenzo for being part of it!