The biggest of all challenges is to be able to blend new organic ingredients into magic libations!
My selection Cocktails that are synonymous of energy, part of our wellbeing and overall health!

How to make the Alexander cocktail with an organic twist!

Usually cocktails don’t include cocoa nibs , preferably they call for cocoa powder, or cocoa liqueur! I have picked up my package of organic cocoa nibs to add a touch of crunchy garnish to this evergreen classic cocktail, the Alexander!

Especially in the early years, cocoa powder from organic cocoa nibs was only one ingredient for my cups of milk at breakfast time! Then I discovered it could be gently stirred and added to milkshakes, desserts and smoothies…as well as hot chocolate!

spirulina lassi cocktail by domenico di bucchianico

All you need to know about Spirulina in cocktails!

The best natural green colourant for your cocktails!

Hello my dear readers! spring is fast approaching outside in the green parks of the city and I get inspired by this marvellous calming atmosphere and taking some time responding your interesting question on “how to give a natural green colour to your cocktails” and drinks in order to create the Best Cocktail for the spring and summer season !

cocktails and superfoods: pumpkin spiced latt

“Pumpkin spiced cocktail ” your winter mixology starts here”!

Since the very first moment I saw these different shapes of squashes I wanted to buy all of them to prepare a “pumpkin spiced latte”, a drink very popular and very well known to all lovers of famous cafés such as Starbucks, or many others… but the idea was to give it a new flavour and a different level of spiciness, given by our favourite chillies and some fresh ginger!