We are DedycateD, and this is your new cocktail blog!
It is something very different than all the others, the message of health here goes on top of the Alcohol by volume and the main focus is on the nutrients.

Dedycated is the N.1 cocktail blog in the world that will guide bartenders and cocktail creators worldwide to break the boundaries of the old fashioned cocktail creativity, and the promise of
cocktails with the perfect balance of health and taste.

You will be part of a community that share the interest of the guests health!

Dedycated is the project of a new, revolutionary cocktail scene, we will change the way we recommend, we sell and we craft drinks to our guests, or just for ourself to enjoy at home!

Cocktail Photography Marcella Mustas (58)

Who is Dedycated?

My name is Domenico and I have ben working in the cocktail industry for nearly fifteen years among high volume street bars and luxurious hotels.
I have been leader of extremely talented bar teams in the bar I have served in my career.

With my other half, Marcella we have founded this blog! She is the artistic and visual director, while I shake my cocktails up!


We reduce alcohol up to 1 and only liquor, or zero alcohol at all!

We guide the bartenders to a new vision of cocktails that are 3 times healthier and 5 times or  more less alcoholic! Why? Simple! here mother nature and its gem from the land are the main


My name is Domenico, and I am a professional bartender, hospitality lover, a passionate cocktail creator.

I love the modern way of digital information sharing, and my philosophy has always been “elegance, art and storytelling are the best way to describe your passion, your product, you
art! “

I have been working in the cocktail industry for the last fifteen years, yes! It is a bittersweet taste when I explain my fellow colleagues that I’m turning 30 this year!

But it definitely creates a certain attention when you tell one or two interesting stories or memories related to your career, and certainly I have seen a lot of people!

In 2017 I have opened DedycateD,  the first cocktail blog in the world that shakes all together, the gem of organic nature, the incredible taste of health and the unusual pairings with a joyful healthy lifestyle;

I also like sharing my vision about elegance, fine quality service and tips on management.

My language is the written text, but I love sharing the art of photography of my partner Marcella, all photos in the blog are artistically created by her.

I live in London, the undiscussed world renown capital of the cocktail scene!

I am part of the team of the Rivoli Bar at the Ritz hotel , one of the best and the most luxurious hotels in the world, where history , past and present are magically surrounded by art deco
architecture, elegant rooms and excellent staff.

The bar is where I have the opportunity to test my recipes with my guests on a daily basis.
I had the pleasure to serve some of the best and the most passionate guests in the world; I don’t like calling them “customers” .

My path in the world of hospitality started in 2005 at the hospitality school in Pescara, Italy; at the age of 16, my school routine was all about shaking Margaritas and mixing Negronis along with flambé food prepared in the classroom, my teacher Mr. Gambino was my first great mentor, he bet on me sending me to my very first work experience in one of the most luxurious hotel in Italy: Grand Hotel Gardone Riviera, in Garda Lake, where I developed my passion for fruity cocktails, such as Singapore sling, my most favourite cocktail.

I have learnt what you need to know, Elegance, class, fine dining, fine service and product up selling, I have seen people drinking Lous XIII cognac mixed with coca cola and people eating
spaghetti, while drinking cappuccinos!

2008 , Sardinia is the island in the mediterranean sea, where I spent the early twenties, and I have learnt to add organic fruits to my cocktails, I saw my manager carving fresh fruits and using them as a decoration in fantastic drinks!

More and more tasty and succulent exotic and Mediterranean ingredients such as fresh organic juices garnished with flowers and ice cream in cocktails!

I must mention i grew up as a professional and as an individual, with the guidance of Mr. Danese and family, owners of the Riss Cocktail bar, a little gem on the east coast of Sardinia, that serves cocktails in crystal glassware, silver cutlery and fine elegant service to an excellent clientele.

I moved to London in the cold winter of 2012, I have lived in basements, I have shared bathrooms with 8 different people under the same roof, I have encountered the difficulties of life on a daily basis , it didn’t stop me, my passion for a great career was pushing me ahead, it didn’t matter if at the beginning a was facing the worst accommodation but it helps to be a man…
from brief experiences to random bars, to …

Cahoots cocktail bar, where I served as a senior and as a head bartender for nearly tree years, with my friend and manager M. Venturini, I remember serving cocktails with spinach, carrots and beetroots, the concept of vegetable based cocktails has inspired me to create my way and my unique language of cocktails at DedycateD; I couldn’t be where I am without the team at cahoots!

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